Appeals Deposit

Recovery of Appeals Deposits

Identification and characterization of deposits, balances and remnants in favor of the company

The appeals deposit is determined by Court after appreciation of a labor suit. So, after the lawsuit is judged, the company must make a filing at the FGTS to file an appeal.

Inactive credits from the FGTS may be recovered, as well as dormant funds in the Caixa Econômica Federal, and the differences in the balances of Appeals Deposits in labor suits already settled.

It is sufficient to identify and verify existing deposits, balances and remnants in favor of the company, in judicial proceedings in the labor area, which are filed, incinerated and / or disposed of by the respective competent body.

All documents necessary for the identification of deposits, balances and remnants, such as applications, forms, petitions, appeals and requests for reconsideration, must be prepared in detail.