Judicial Administration

Bankruptcy and Recovery

Assertif is appointed, among others, to the 1st and 2nd Bankruptcy Courts of São Paulo (the country’s largest), where it operates in Bankruptcy and Judicial Recovery processes.

Assertif is a Judicial Administrator, under the terms of Law 11.101 / 2005, (LRF), in the form of the Sole Paragraph of its Article 21, named when the application for processing of Judicial Recovery or Bankruptcy, with the duties and responsibilities imposed by its Article 22, operating as an auxiliary of the Judge:

– monitoring and supervising recovery activities, through specific reports;
– issuing bankruptcy assets reports;
– remaining available to all parties involved to clarify incidents in the process;
– drawing up a general framework of creditors;
– preparing accounting expert reports;
– acting with pro activity, enabling speed and transparency in the process;
– leading creditor assemblies;
– supervising compliance of Judicial Recovery Plans